Sunday, March 15, 2015

First Post!

Hello everyone!! I am so excited to be writing my first blog post here as a teacher. I currently oversee the blog that my grade level uses for our school that is just seen by our parents, but I've never done any other kind of blogging. My hope is to try and post at least once a week with teacher tidbits. 

A little bit about myself: 
-I am 24 years old.
-This is my second year to be teaching kindergarten. I love my kinder babies!
- I am a HUGE Spurs fan even though I live in the Dallas area. Can't argue with 5 championships :) 
- I love to create things. I currently sell creations I use for teaching on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook. Widgets to my stores are to the right ------------->
- I love to read! My favorite author is Oscar Wilde. 
- My two nephews are the single cutest children in the entire world. They are my world. 
- My dog child, Niko, is also pretty special. 

There's so much more to me, but I won't bore you with ALL the details. 

Anyway, I can't wait to share my classroom experiences with you. I hope you find this blog funny, inspiring, helpful, and an overall joy to read.