Friday, April 1, 2016

Five for Friday

It's been awhile since I put up a blog post. I'm failing my resolution yet again to be more active on my blog. I seem to have more on my plate than I can handle right now. However, I have been much more active on my Instagram, so that counts for something right? 

My eyes are garbage. I have horrible vision and a killer astigmatism to go with it. Contacts have not been my friend over the last month or so, so I've decided to wear glasses more to give my eyes a break every once in awhile. I LOVE Warby Parker. I bought my first pair of glasses last year with them, and they are my absolute favorite. I'm currently deciding on a new pair of glasses and one or two pairs of sunglasses. Knowing me, I'll probably end up with all of them. 

I've missed Chip and Jo. It turns out that I have too many shows that I like to watch, and Fixer Upper has been put on the back burner :( Currently catching up, and as always, loving every minute of it!

I jumped on the "adult coloring" bandwagon a few weeks ago. I've had a hard time finding coloring books that I think would be worth it because I honestly don't like a lot of the designs in more of the books. I finally found one I really like, and this darn elephant has taken up much of my time the last couple days...

So we had early release today at school, which meant I was sans children for THREE HOURS. I had a lengthy list of things on my to-do list. Did I do any of them? Nope, because my list was lost in the mess on my desk. Instead of focusing on my desk, I chose to tackle my closet. Don't get me wrong, I've neglected to organize my room over the last 3 years, so just about everything has been looking a hot mess. But my closet really takes the cake. I'm happy to say that I have gotten one small chunk of my room all fixed up. It'll probably take me the last 9 weeks of school to do everything else, but at least it will be a LOT less stressful come the beginning of school next year. Progress, right? 

 I'm currently working on totally rebuilding my TEKS posters that I originally made back when I had just started out my TpT. You know when you go back and look at some of your old products and just think, "bleh." That's how I felt about these. They were very blah and were missing that "wow" factor. A lot of my products are based around the color blue because obviously it's the best, but I've been trying to dial it back to meet the needs of more than one category of people who are obsessed with blue like me. I decided on some multi arrows and a small bright blue ribbon by the amazing Teaching Superpower. The only thing I can't decide on is the font for the TEKS at the top of the posters. That's what happens when you have too many incredible font options from Kimberly Geswein. I'm leaning more towards the font on the bottom poster. We'll see! I will also be adding graphics on the right side. Can't wait to see how they all turn out in the end. It would be nice to finally have some cute ones for my own room that I can prepare and use year after year instead of having to write them on my whiteboard (boooooooring). 

Happy Friday, y'all!